hey Petzl was Nashville bomber Koranized?
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2021-01-28 21:26:27 UTC
Where 18th Century (White) people even *ALLOWED* to marry Aboriginals?? Or
did they just "shack up"??
I sure as hell wouldn't have wanted these creatures as in-laws:
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Ordog may beg to differ...
2021-01-28 21:52:06 UTC
Post by Byker
Where 18th Century (White) people even *ALLOWED* to marry Aboriginals?? Or
did they just "shack up"??
Ordog may beg to differ...
Possibly if the only woman available were Aboriginal?
But if you have a fetish for your type :-)

Of the 54 recorded European ships that sailed into Australian waters
before 1770, 42 were VOC ships. “Sloepie” the first ship built here by
Europeans, was built by a shipwrecked VOC crew. Our first European
immigrants, Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom De Bye, convicted criminals,
dropped off on the mainland in 1629, were VOC employees. The first
armed conflict on land in our history between two groups of whites was
between a VOC crew and its mutineers. The first recorded white
‘Southland baby’ was born aboard a VOC ship moored on our coast. The
first recorded Europeans to chart part of our coast were Captain
Willem Janszoon and his crew in Duyfken a small vessel bought second
hand for ƒ 2200, heralding the beginning of our written history in
1606. The first recorded navigator to circumnavigate our continent and
first prove that it is an island, and that it must have an east coast,
lead the VOC’s exploratory forays. His name was Abel Tasman. The first
pictures drawn by Europeans of our coast and of some of our wildlife
were by artists aboard VOC ships.
The Christian belief and fact is Moslems are deceived.
Like Schizophrenics, they need therapy;
Not confirmation of their delusions.
The recognized place of worship in a Christian Nation is a Christian Church.
Mosques are the recognized place of worship only in Moslem countries
Australia's only legally defined God is our Christian God whose compound redemptive name is Lord Jesus Christ
Something as simple as denying Moslems a place to pray is all it takes to make them leave voluntarily and peacefully.