Harming our kids
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Another Dave
2005-07-12 19:27:39 UTC
Look who is behind the campaign against the MeNZB vaccine campaign.

Someone who says it's safe for my children to be taking party pills,
but not for them to be vaccinated.


Vaccine critic favours party pills
18 June 2005
Dominion Post

One of the main opponents of the meningococcal B vaccination programme
is a consultant to the party pills industry who says the "herbal highs"

are safe but the vaccine is not.

Aucklander Ron Law campaigns with Hawke's Bay freelance journalist
Barbara Sumner Burstyn against the vaccine.

Challenged yesterday by Health Ministry immunisation programme director

Jane O'Hallahan to say what their qualifications were, Mr Law said he
was a risk analyst with a background in medical laboratory work. Ms
Sumner Burstyn said she had no qualifications other than being a

Mr Law said he did consulting for the Social Tonics Association, an
organisation representing the "party pills" industry. He had done work
on the safety of pills containing benzylpiperazine, or BZP, which
mimics the effects of methamphetamines and ecstasy. The risk of party
pills was "infinitesimal" if they were used in recommended doses, and
not as harmful as alcohol, he said. Young people chose to take party
pills, but were having "an untested vaccine forced on" them. He said he

was scientifically qualified with a certificate gained working in a
medical laboratory for 20 years. He also had a Master of Business
Administration degree.

Ms Sumner Burstyn said she wrote about many issues without needing
qualifications in them. The ministry "should debate the facts, not
constantly trash us."
2005-07-13 00:24:50 UTC
You're a bit late coming to this aren't you David?

Yes, they are a disreputable couple. My reading of their publications
finds me amazed Mr Law would claim to have any qualifications in
science at all. And it's obvious Ms Summer Burstyn is a stupid person
from her TV interviews and lack of interest in fact.

Discard them from your reality, right now